eHealthDC provides District of Columbia health care professionals with an important source for how to use electronic health records (EHRs) and health IT to better serve patients.

eHealthDC is funded by the DC Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) to provide FREE technical assistance to the District’s Medicaid eligible professionals.

Telehealth Resources

eHealthDC is providing DC health care professionals with information about how to use their EHRs and health IT to serve their patients during the COVID-19 response. 

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“I really believe in the PI program. The program offers a framework of how to evaluate and measure whether we use our EHR in a way that improves patient centered care.”
– Elizabeth Hamilton

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“It’s [our EHR] all in one for us. That’s been super helpful because it’s an easy flow for intake, scheduling, session, notes, charting and everything. It is all in the system.”
– Ashlee Barros

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“We have been able to do more COVID-19 testing than we could have done if we did not have access to eCW”
– Dr. Randi Abramson

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“Telehealth has opened up access for so many people and changed the way we provide care and do business.”
– Sheilahn Davis-Wyatt

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“Always embrace technology – it’s not going to be perfect and may require a few extra clicks at the beginning, but if you embrace it, it will make your life and your patients’ lives easier.”
– Annick Hebou, Medical Director

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

““Patients having access to EMRs is the reality of where medicine is going, and eHealthDC has given us the support to make this adjustment.”
– Dr. Ama Tyus

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“eHealthDC has played a significant role in educating our team on effectively utilizing the patient portal. In turn, we feel more prepared to instruct our patients on using HIE tools, which increases communication, patient satisfaction, and enhances patient care.”
– Dr. Tanya Wilson, DDS

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“eHealthDC provides support to ensure the organization stays on task, does not miss deadlines throughout the year and is prepared for attestation.”
– Demetria Broadnax, Family and Medical Counseling

Meet a Meaningful Use Champion!

“eHealthDC’s partnership has been instrumental in multiple initiatives, including improving providers’ access to patient information by connecting to CRISP Health Information Exchange (HIE) with single sign-on, and successfully reporting for the District’s Promoting Interoperability/Meaningful Use EHR Incentive Program (MEIP).”
– Anna Abel, GW MFA

What we do

We help eligible health care providers use and exchange electronic health data via certified health IT to enhance care coordination and improve quality of care. We also help providers understand compliance with District requirements and federal guidelines.

We are your “one-stop shop” for Meaningful Use and health information exchange (HIE) resources in the District.

Meaningful Use Resources

eHealthDC provides the resources you need to attest to a variety of Meaningful Use measures like Transitions of Care, Public Health Reporting and Patient Engagement.

Meaningful Use Tip Sheets

Training Modules

Presentations and Webinars

eHealthDC Provides:

Stakeholder Engagement

Conduct focus groups and interviews to solicit feedback on the District’s health IT and HIE programs and initiatives

Education and Outreach

Raise awareness of Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (MEIP) goals and educate providers about Meaningful Use best practices

HIT/E Roadmap for the District

Inform providers about the District’s strategy and plans for health IT and HIE implementation

Technical Assistance

Provide hands-on support to achieve Meaningful Use objectives and support MEIP attestation

Meaningful Use Resources

Develop custom content for District providers and publish links related to federal and District programs

HIE Tools Adoption

Support adoption and use of HIE tools to facilitate transitions of care

Connecting the District’s Health Care Community Through HIE

DC has one of the most connected health care communities in the nation. Effective local care requires close coordination across providers that serve District residents. HIT helps DC-based providers coordinate care by providing access to patient information no matter where they seek care. HIE enables a District-wide health data infrastructure with tools for providers to easily view longitudinal patient information and participate in quality reporting.