Current Program

With funding from DHCF, we currently administer the following program:

HCBS Digital Health Technical Assistance Program

A Model Program for Underserved Providers

Historically, HCBS providers have not been eligible to participate in the Medicaid PI Program and similar federal and state initiatives designed to make access to technology more equitable. eHealthDC is committed to helping these providers in the District strengthen their digital health infrastructure by promoting interoperability and optimizing use of telehealth

This first-of-its-kind program aims to provide a model for other agencies seeking to support HCBS providers and support a more integrated and accessible person-centered system.

HCBS Providers We Serve through this Initiative

Behavioral health providers

Long-term care services and support providers

Disability service providers

Housing support service providers

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Focus Areas

HCBS Promoting Interoperability

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Improving and Optimizing Telehealth

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How to Get Started

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